• Avid 2k players Josh Giddey made a huge leap to 82 overall

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Preséntate y únete a la mayor familia de usuarios DS!
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The NBA 2k ratings for the OKC Thunder set them in the 3rd tier of Online Play Now, the lowest level in the game that gave the team an overall score of 86. This is more then the Magic NBA 2K23 MT, Spurs, Jazz, Wizards, Hornets, Pistons, Rockets, and Pacers while also being tied with the Knicks for the top score in the grouping. According to the vídeo game scorers the Thunder are the eighth most sloppy team in the league.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is the leader for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander leads the way for Oklahoma City Thunder who rate as the 8th worst basketball team of the NBA according to NBA 2K23

If you are unaware, there is a team called the NBA 2k team uses rating adjusters who monitor the games and provide players with attribute ratings across all categories like shooting, playmaking finishing, playmaking, and so on. The ratings are technically from to 0-99. however the players who are rated the lowest are a 66 in Dallas Mavericks two-way forward Tyler Dorsey and Spur forward Dominick Barlow.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are led almost entirely by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander . She is listed as 87 overall, with an A+ rating for finishing. Avid 2k players Josh Giddey made a huge leap to 82 overall, which he was pleased with before the start of launch week. Lu Dort, who got paid during the offseason cannot break the 80s mark, and remains at a 77.

The OKC Thunder earned some lottery luck this offseason and jumped up to the 2nd overall selection and snag the next franchise cornerstone, Chet Holmgren. However, the fortune quickly changed when Holmgren is expected to miss the entire 2022-23 season after having a foot injury. NBA 2k rates Holmgren an overall 77. the third highest rated rookie in the league, following Paolo Banchero and Jabari Smith Jr 2K23 MT Buy.